Most recently, Jeremy worked at Sling Media as the Vice President of Market Development. In that role, he was the company evangelist and was responsible for building grassroots/viral marketing programs. This included developing the company’s online presence with regards to various Web communities and blogs, promoting Sling Media’s highly visible word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Jeremy also acted as a company spokesman at consumer, trade, and industry events, being an accomplished speaker and presenter.

Sling Media logoPrior to corporate communications and guerrilla marketing, Jeremy joined Sling Media in 2004 as VP of Product Management. He was responsible for guiding development of the Slingbox from conception to launch, helping take the vision of the founders and shape it into a physical product. Jeremy specifically participated in guiding user interface and interaction model design for the SlingPlayer PC software as well as the SlingPlayer Mobile software. Since launch, the Slingbox and its corresponding software components have won numerous industry awards.

In the late 1990s he founded Palmtastik, a Web portal designed to help early PalmPilot users get the most out of their devices. Through viral marketing efforts, Palmtastik grew online to become the second highest trafficked PalmPilot destination.

In 1999, Jeremy co-founded Mediabolic, a software company that provides digital media networking technology to consumer electronics and computer manufacturers. While at Mediabolic, Jeremy contributed to the design of digital home devices for companies including Pioneer Electronics, HP, Fujitsu, and Denon.

CMUJeremy holds a B.S. in Economics and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jeremy is often found speaking on panels at trade shows and conferences, here are some of the highlights:

  • July 2007: CommunityNext panel on Viral Marketing
  • June 2007: Under the Radar presenter
  • December 2006: GNoTE conference “The Evangelist in You”
  • October 2006: Wimax World
  • September 2006: CTIA SmartPhone Summit
  • September 2006: IBD Momentum Conference
  • August 2006: DisplaySearch Conference
  • April 2006: CTIA SmartPhone Summit
  • March 2006: Caucus for Television Producers, Writers, and Directors
  • February 2006: 3GSM World Congress panel
  • January 2006: JP Morgan Connector’s Group
  • October 2005: Digital Life Tradeshow
  • September 2005: HomePlug Conference
  • August 2005: Texas Instruments Toy Tour panel (with executives from TI, Microsoft, Samsung) addressing “the future of digital entertainment”
  • February 2005: Texas Instruments Developer Conference
  • January 2004: CES – Digital Hollywood panel “Home Entertainment Server and Hub Strategies: Set-Top vs. PC-Centric Solutions, the PVR and the Networked Home”
  • May 2003: Connections Conference panel “Going Inside the Box: Developing Network-capable Multimedia Platforms”

Click here to see Jeremy’s most recent video interview.

IMG_2670 jt emmyAwards:

  • In 2007, the Slingbox was awarded a technology Emmy!
  • At 2005 CES, the Slingbox won a “Next Big Thing” award as well as “Best Home Media Networking” award.
  • While at Mediabolic, Jeremy helped design convergence products for companies like Pioneer, HP, and Denon (whose flagship NS100 won a “Best of Show” award at CES2004).

In his spare time, he also cooks, grills, and smokes various food and meats, writes on LIVEdigitally, plays a lot of card and board games, volunteers in the local community, drinks wine, and complains about all the bad drivers around him. Always. Even when he’s not driving…

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