creating happiness in 75 hours

I had a great day today (other than a 4am barrage of crying from my baby) at the SF Food Bank. Gotta up the ante for next month! The real question is how far can it go? How infectious can doing good really be here in the real world? All I know is I’m believing more and more in the raw power of the individual.

Definitely a good day.

Jeremy and Gold Toeman

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  1. Gold Says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to do some ‘good’. Are we allowed to enjoy it at the same time?
    I thought that for my next venture (apart from joining you-you’re such a cool crowd!), I would actually go to a facility that allows you to come face to face and directly provide food for those who need it. I think that is one of the things volunteering does… opens one up to the many other places that need assistance.
    Once again, thanks for the chance and the photo is not too shabby either!

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