11x12seconds home walkthrough (the “before”)

This morning at 8am the crew arrived and began the (estimated) 6-month long renovation project at our new house. Yesterday I had my cell phone with me so I did a batch of 12-second-long videos running through the place as it looks before any work is done. Enjoy the next ~2 minutes, 12-seconds at a time:


Walkthru pt1 on 12seconds.tv

Foyer, living room, dining room:

Walkthru pt2 on 12seconds.tv

Dining room, kitchen:

Walkthru pt3 on 12seconds.tv

Powder room, sitting room, backyard:

Walkthru pt4 on 12seconds.tv

Heading upstairs:

Walkthru pt5 on 12seconds.tv

Upstairs bathroom and bedrooms:

Walkthru pt6 on 12seconds.tv

More bedrooms:

Walkthru pt7 on 12seconds.tv

More bedrooms:

Walkthru pt8 on 12seconds.tv

Bedroom, sunroom:

Walkthru pt9 on 12seconds.tv


Walkthru pt10 on 12seconds.tv


Walkthru p11 on 12seconds.tv

Ps – email/tweet me if you’d like an invite to 12seconds.tv, I have a few left!

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  1. tivoboy Says:

    Why the heck wouldn’t you just use qik, livecast or comet for this? i’m distracted by three minutes broken out into 12 second chunks. 🙂

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