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Incorrect uses of the word Nazi

Saw this comment on Engadget today:

… I’ve heard a lot of poor reviews of AppleTV, but I think it’s getting better. Still, I’m not a fan of their Nazi-esque ways …

If I may clarify, while Apple may have totalitarian-ish regime, they most certainly haven’t murdered millions of people.  The comparison is terrible.

I wasn’t a fan of the Soup Nazi term either, no matter how funny the show was.  Maybe if there was poison in the soup, then it’d be a little closer.  Or if his soup stand attempted to take over, say all of Europe and Asia, then that too would be more accurate.

I believe there are certain words whose usage should never diminish the importance of their utterance.  Another example is the word “rape” – when people feel comfortable to say that “they got raped by the high prices…” they are clearly devaluing the impact of the action.  My hunch is that said buyer of said expensive goods was unlikely traumatized by the event, and most definitely needed zero follow-up counseling.

There are plenty of “big” adjectives to go around, many of which carry quite a weight.  Let’s try to use them more appropriately, and save these extremely meaningful words for the proper times.

Duncan Riley pwns TechMeme

It’s Saturday, January 19th, 2008, 2:26pm, and Duncan Riley of TechCrunch is Mr Techmeme:)

Techmeme screenshot

I love the smell of CES in the morning

15 hours of demos yesterday.  Videos, podcasts, and blog posts from virtually every major and minor publication.  Utterly exhausting.

Let’s get the ball rolling here on day 2, I love it!

TOP tech news is… Scoble booted off Facebook??

According to TechMeme (apparently the de facto tech news source for all of silicon valley), the BIG story of the day is Robert Scoble’s being kicked off Facebook. Now according to AP, Reuters, and a few other sources, there’s a lot of other stuff going on. But none of it seems to interest the tech newsmakers here in the Bay.

Let’s all get a grip here. FIRST, we all know Scoble will be back on Facebook somewhere in the next 24 hours. SECOND, why does everybody seem to need to write a post about it? Does it really merit that much attention? NO.

Echo, echo echo echo….