Hockey Night in San Jose. Go Habs!

Last year I read and listened (online) anxiously to every game leading up until the end of the regular season.  And I was there stunned as the Montreal Canadiens were eliminated, mostly at their own doings, by a single point at the final game of the season.  Not quite heartbreaking, but most definitely disappointing.

The summer passed, several decent free agents showed up, but no “monumental” players.  By the pre-season, the Habs were picked anywhere from 8-15th in the Eastern Conference, typically again, out of the playoffs.  And the season opened, and Montreal did well.  Surprisingly well in fact.

As the season continued, the team continued to perform.  They didn’t have their typical Nov/Dec crash (past 4-5 seasons those months were terrible for some reason).  They remained in contention I think every game of the season.

StandingsTwo weeks ago, I watched a game where over the course of the first period they ended up down 5-0.  So even though the game was on the DVR, I continued watching.  But I did put it into fast-forward mode.  Mid-way through the 2nd period, Montreal scores. Yay.  A few minutes later, goals 2 and 3 come almost back to back.  I drop back into regular speed.   The 3rd period opens, and goal 4 happens.  When Kovalev ties it up with 8 minutes to spare, I was borderline emotional.  The shootout win was like a movie moment.  Go habs go!

And now?   Tied at the top of the East.

Tonight, as they did 4 years ago, Montreal is playing San Jose here in the Bay Area.  And myself and a crew of another dozen folks are caravaning on down to watch em.  And it’s my birthday.


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  1. Dave Zatz Says:

    Happy birthday, dude! You’re still not as old as I am. 😉

  2. elizabeth toeman Says:

    Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good one. Did the Habs win? I don’t follow hockey

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