It’s the playoffs. I have a DVR. Don’t call with an update!

It’s 2002. Game 6. Montreal leads the series 3-2.  It’s 6:30pm on the West Coast and I begin watching my TiVo’d game, timeshifted by about 2.5 hours.  About 15 minutes later, my phone rings, “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?” exclaims the excited relative.

That one was understandable.

It’s 2008.  There should be no such calls.  It might be harder to celebrate (especially bicoastally), but if you know someone is (1) a huge fan and (2) has a DVR and (3) isn’t always able to watch games live and in real-time, just don’t call.  Wait it out.  There’s plenty of time to yell and reminisce.

Game 1 is in the bag.  15 more for 25.

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