The Hypocrisy is Killing Me, A Photo Story

I can’t even remember what pushed me over the edge to write this blog post.  I think it was a book I read – extra bus time means extra reading time – but I’m not sure.  Anyhow, I just got to thinking about some of the bizarre double-standards and hypocrisy prevalent in modern society.

So if they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, this’ll be my wordiest post ever.  Note:  while the general flow of this is a point-counterpoint series of pix, there are a few that just stand alone.  I am okay with this.

Illegal (it’s an “eyesore”):


Magazine deemed inappropriate for children:

Magazines commonly sold at “eye-catching height” in grocery store checkout aisles:

Government-approved as “safe” food supplies:

Products sold at the same place we go to buy medicine and other products for our “health”:

Food sold in hospital waiting rooms:

Things that are not allowed on television:

Things that are acceptable to put on television, at virtually any hour:

Supposedly provokes youth violence:

Content/substance whose value and impact is never questioned:

Genocides we recognize:

Genocides we ignore:

People we pay over $10,000,000 for a few months worth of work:

People we pay, on average, about $40,000 per year:

Things covered by most health insurance companies:

Things that make someone “uninsurable” by most health insurance companies:

People whose rights are well-protected by the Constitution:

People whose rights are not protected by the Constitution:

Intolerable, non-democratic regimes:

Tolerable, non-democratic regimes:

Substance which causes mood changes, yet has no known negative side affects, but is deemed illegal to consume in any quantity:

Substances which cause mood changes, are known to cause violence/death (respectively), but are deemed legal to consume in any quantity:


8 Responses to “The Hypocrisy is Killing Me, A Photo Story”

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  2. DaveZatz Says:

    Nicely done, man. I enjoyed this post. I suspect many hospital vending areas look a lot like school vending areas.

  3. SpragueD Says:

    Very nicely presented. Agree with all of them.

  4. Nick Says:

    That’s an impressive however regrettable list.

  5. leonghw Says:

    great pics. really highlight the ironic world we live in.
    where right and wrong boils down to what’s popular & convenient at the moment.

  6. sampablokuper Says:

    Excellent compare/contrast exercise; I feel the same way.

    Btw, was it really published in 2007 or is your blog misdating your posts?

  7. Darrian Says:

    Marijuana has negative side effects but is no worse than alcohol and Tabacco none the less.

  8. Digidave Says:

    Similar to the Playboy vs. Cosmo comparison is American Apparel advertisements.

    I see them everywhere and they are as close to soft-core porn as one can get without being a late night showtime special. I just don’t understand it.

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