This guy might become pres-o-dent?

I generally try to avoid the politics on the ol’ blogging, but I saw this clip and just felt compelled to repost…

(via Bijan)

4 Responses to “This guy might become pres-o-dent?”

  1. goldie Says:

    fabulous!!!!!!!! left me roaring with laughter…….

  2. Jim Says:

    Oh mah goodness, lies.

  3. Steve Says:

    It is sad that he is one of our choices, what is equally sad is that the other choice (Obama) is just as dishonest and just as blinded by his own ambition. It is really frightening to be able to find these disturbing truths about either candidate. They are both dishonest and full of hypocrisy AND both will just increase the size of government and confiscate our hard earned income and freedoms… what are we to do…

  4. kwaayesnama Says:

    What scares me is that the GOP has chosen two morons to save this nation.
    We have a man at the top of the ticket that was in the bottom of his class intellectually.
    And the person that is 1/2 a breath away from the presidency flunked out of 5 colleges before she received her diploma from the University of Idaho. I cant wait to see where she placed in her graduating class! Just think these people might have their fingers on the nuclear button.
    But what else is new we elected a moron to lead this nation and look where it brought us.

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