Congressional Waste of Time

About a month ago, congress had a hearing on preventing a recession. While I’m not personally believing all the media hype/frenzy about an impending recession, I do think this is a good topic for my elected officers to spend their time on. Listening to baseball players talk about steroids, on the other hand, is about as good a topic for them to spend as it is to debate whether or not McDonald’s or Burger King has better french fries.

Baseball is not a governed sport. It is not protected, specified, or mentioned anywhere in the constitution. Nor should it be, as it’s… a GAME. And it’s up to MLB to manage their own issues, not Congress.

With the amazing quantity of problems facing Americans today, from healthcare to pollution to homelessness to [long list of other issues goes here], I am appalled that our elected “leaders” have the time to think about baseball players.

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